Mutation means substitution of the names of a person by the another in the R.O.R. which may be done by the Revenue Officer u/s 50 of W.B.L.R. Act, 55. Mutation is done on the following grounds:-

I) Transfer by sale of gift.
II) Exchange
III) Inheritance.

The transfer is required to be made by Registered Deed. Application for Mutation require application fee of Rs. 5/- by Court fees,

Declaration of the purchaser with Court fees of Rs.10/- and Rent receipt proving the payment of current land revenue.

Mutation fees are as follows.:-
Rs. 1.00 per decimal in Rural areas for agricultural land.
Rs. 10.00 per decimal in Rural area for Non-agricultural land.
Rs. 20.00 per decimal in Rural area for commercial / Industrial purpose of land.
Rs. 1.00 per decimal in Municipal area for agricultural land.
Rs. 20.00 per decimal in Municipal area for Non-agricultural land.
Rs. 30.00 per decimal in Municipal area for commercial / Industrial purpose of land.

Application for Mutation to be submitted to the respective B.L.&L.R.O. Office. After enquiry and hearing, the empowered  R.O.  allows  the mutation in appropriate cases and makes correction table of R.O.R. . a)

Conversion of Land u/s 4D

Change of land use is regulated by section 4C of W.B.L.R. Act, 55. A raiyat may seek permission for change of character and use of any land u/s 4C of the said Act before the S.D.L.& L.R.O.  for land upto 0.10 acres and to the D.L.& L.R.O. for land exceeding 0.10 acre.

The intending raiyat is to apply for conversion along with Application fee for Rs. 5/- and process fees as per rate in  court fees along with the following documents.:-

i) Declaration in the form of Affidavit.
ii) Copy of Mutation Certificate.
iii) Copy of R.O.R.
iv) Copy of Rent receipt.
v) Certificate of D.I.C./ Industry Deptt. / and Pollution certificate for industrial purpose.
vi) Vetted project report for industry.
vii) No objection certificate from Panchayet/Municipality concerned.
viii) Sketch Map showing the location of proposed area for conversion.
ix) No objection from co-sharer / contiguous plot owners.

On receipt of the conversion application and after field enquiry and hearing of the applicant and others  interested persons, the S.D.L.& L.R.O. / D.L.& L.R.O. as the case may be, passes appropriate order allowing  conversion, if deems fit. Section 4D of the W.B.L.R. Act provides for prosecution and punishment for causing change in  use and character  of any land without permission of the Collector. b)

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